We know your child will have an awesome time at camp, but choosing the right camp for their age, interests and needs can be stressful. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take this short quiz and find out what kind of Y camp your child is ready for (plus exciting options for the future!)
Let's Go
How old is your camper? *

Has your child ever experienced overnight camp or stayed away from home before? *

Which of the following words best describes your child? *

What is your child's biggest fear about camp? (Don't worry, they Y's got you covered!) *

What are your child's favourite activities? *

What is the main take-away from camp you want your child to experience? *

On a sunny day, you'll find your child... *

Close To Home Camper 
Your child is getting comfortable dipping their toe into new adventures, and is excited to meet new friends and try different activities in a supportive environment.
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New Adventure Seeker 
Your child is curious, adventurous and ready to tackle new and exciting experiences this summer.
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Camp Loving Adventurer
Adventure is the name of the game for your child! They are curious to try new things, ready to take action and be a leader.
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